The LPGLed is pleased to present Christmas structures never seen, built with remarkable originality through a totally handmade. Betting on the originality of our trees we intend to represent in great the Christmas, using the best LED on the market for brightness, validity and functionality.

The realization of our products is done through the meticulous work of skilled craftsmen who devote themselves with passion and dexterity for an excellent end result. Our proposal includes a variety of three-dimensional models of different sizes and bright subjects applicable according to the most demanding requests of our loyal customers.

"Elegance is the only beauty that never fades."
Audrey Hepburn

Flakes that passion!

And even more so: just choose from a variety of colors with a natural brilliance and any size to stand out and decorate your rooms with a touch of trend, originality and glamour.

Gift of emotions

The countdown for Christmas gifts is starting but you don't feel like going shopping yet, given the dark period we are living in? It will be enough to enlighten you with good intentions with our original gift package, with various shapes and bright colors.

The sky is an infinite sphere!

And now that we are unknowingly undergoing a dark period? look up to find yourself in the bright magic of a better world!

All Christmas trees are perfect!

The moment we are all living imposes us an alternative Christmas! and we do not discourage us responding with our original Christmas tree with linear forms, dazzling brightness and attractive design that will entice you to adorn the best of your environments.