Led popsicle curtain 4 X 1.5 m 230 V with flash - white cable - stalactite with 304 LEDs (244 + 60 flashes) - professional - 1.5 m power cable included - IP67

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► Indoor and outdoor use

► Size: 4.5 x 1.5 m with flash

► Colors: warm white, cold white and blue.

► White rubber cable IP67

► High quality

The curtain Icicle 4x1.5 meters curtain with flash is perfect for indoor and outdoor decoration, for Christmas parties, hotels, shops, birthday parties and is capable of creating magical and unique atmospheres for weddings and special occasions. For its operation, the current available in the house is also used at 230V, so it is ideal for home parties or the decoration of the garden and open spaces of the house or shop.

Also suitable for outdoor thanks to its high degree of waterproofing, you can decorate your terrace, balcony, garden or shop and activities without worries.

The curtain Icicle 4x1,5 meters with flash is made up of four sections of 1 meter each and is available in warm white, cold white and blue LED colors. The curtain Icicle 4x1,5 meters with flash is made up of a white rubber cable. The operation of the curtain Icicle 4x1,5 meters with flash takes place through the current used in the house at 230V therefore a high expenditure of electricity is not necessary. The adaptability of the curtain Icicle 4x1,5 meters with flash, allows the connection of multiple strings of various sizes and the connection with all our other proposals (curtains led, strings led and garlands led) as well as an unexpected extension.

LPGLed is particularly concerned with energy efficiency, without neglecting the aesthetics and versatility of its products, suitable for the most diverse situations, starting from the Christmas holidays, to get to weddings, parties, events and furnishings.

Icicle 4x1.5

Size: 4x1,5M

Flash: Yes
Number of LED: 304 leds (244led + 60 flash
LED sequence: 3-4-8-15-8-4-3
Voltage: 230V
Watt: 14 Watt
Cable color: White
Available voltages: 230V(50Hz)


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