String 10 meters 50 LEDS of 8 mm white cable


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The 10 Meter Led String with the 8mm Led  is available in warm white and cool white and green colors. The 10 Meter Led String with the 8mm Ledis composed of a white rubber cable. The operation of the10 Meter Led String with the 8mm Led  takes place through the 230V current used in the home therefore a high expenditure of electricity is not necessary. The size of the8 mm Led guarantees a uniform and full brightness, The adaptability of the 10 Meter Led String with the 8mm Led, allows the connection of multiple strings of various sizes and the connection with all our other proposals (icicles led, curtains led and garland led) as well as unexpected extension.

10 Meter Led String with the 8mm Led

Size: 10M
Flash: No
Number of LED: 50
Voltage: 230V
Watt: 7 Watt
Cable color: White
Available voltages: 230V(50Hz)


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